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May 2018

We live in troubled times. Mass shootings are becoming so common place, there is a danger that we will become numb and think that is the new norm. After a relatively short break, gas prices are rising again, and we are told they will continue to rise. Millions of Americans are uninsured or underinsured. I’ve read that poverty is gripping many who just a few years ago were living the “American Dream”. Add to that the political disagreements about anything you can name from climate change to “fake news.” Then there is the division growing in the United Methodist Church over social issues that have no easy solutions. If you dwell on these things, and many more that you can name, it’s not a pretty picture as we begin the month of May, 2018.

But…there is hope! Even though we live in a world full of problems, those problems are created by human beings. With the right motivation, human beings can bring an end to those problems, and I believe that tight motivation is faith in Jesus Christ. Through prayer, fasting, Bible study and fellowship Christ’s people can come together and become an influence for good and right changes in this world and in this nation. You do have a voice. You do have the power to affect changes in policies of business and government. When Christ’s people come together, great things happen! It only took a few dedicated disciples to change the world two-thousand years ago when those few confused, scared disciples became the confident Apostles, sent out to spread the Good News.

Join with me in prayer for the concerns of this congregation, state, nation and the world. Pray for Christ’s intervention in the problems that we face today. Listen to what the Spirit tells YOU to do to make those changes. Pray for the guidance and influence of the Holy Spirit to bring God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

Make plans to be with your brothers and sisters in Christ on Sunday mornings. You are missed when you are not here.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Jack